Magical Wicks & Wax, Candle co. Refill option

Magical Wicks & Wax, Candle co. Refill option

Magical Wicks & Wax, Candle Co. is now offering a refill option!!

So we got to thinking 🤔 Some of these Candle vessels are just too beautiful to only use once.  You end up throwing them out or they collect dust until you do. 

We have decided to offer a refill option! After you buy your original Candle at Full price, when it’s done ship me back the vessel ( with the gemstones if you want me to add them back in) and email me that it’s on the way and what fragrance you’d like refilled and I’ll refill it for 1/2 price the original purchase! 

On a $20 Candle that’s only $10 to refill, with no limits on how many times I’ll refill it as long as he vessel will hold wax!!  You can pick the same scent or try a different one each time!!

You pay for shipping to get the vessel back to me and I’ll pay the shipping to get it back to you!! Easy Peasy! 

All Container Candles are 100% Natural Soy Wax and will be refilled with the same. All Natural Fragrance oils are used for scent and are always pet friendly. 

as always a thank you for supporting our small business, when you support a small business you support a dream!!!

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