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Magical Wicks & Wax, Candle Co.

Healing Stone / Rose Quartz Candle

Healing Stone / Rose Quartz Candle

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16oz beautiful embossed white glass Candle. Comes with two wood wicks that crackle while burning like a cozy fireplace. We use all natural soy/coconut wax and only pet friendly essential oils for fragrance. This Candle smells so amazing! The scent is Amber Vanilla, and it's a soft musk scent that we just know you will LOVE! We use a lot of fragrance so they make your entire space smell amazing down to the last bit of wax. This candle will burn up to 200 hours if you burn correctly. Each one comes with burning instructions so you get the most burn out of your healing/ protection candle! Don't miss this one! It's in the store right now and it will go quick, but I can always make another just like it!! 


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