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Magical Wicks & Wax, Candle Co.

Little Healing Gemstone Candle

Little Healing Gemstone Candle

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8oz Little hidden Gems! Comes in straight round glass in the scent of your choice and loaded with hidden Gemstones!! Wood wick or cotton, and 100% natural soy wax. You can choose from a variety of scents. All candles come with the new black and gold brand labeling.


Material: Glass
Finish: Painted, Gloss
Glass Transparency
Wax Weight (to Fill Line)
8.5 oz (241 g)
3.386" +/-0.079" (8.6 cm +/-0.2 cm)
Inside Diameter
3.03" +/-0.06" (7.7 cm +/-0.15 cm)
Outside Diameter
3.2" +/-0.06" (8.1 cm +/-0.15 cm)


Wick material
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